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The earthquake of the 16th April 2016 occured in the coast region Manabi in Ecuador with a magnitude of 7.8. This region was statistically the most devastated site. With an estimated loss of 90 percent in civilian property and 75 percent of the casualties the grounds gravely reflect these numbers. While visiting the villages and cities situated along the coastline in September 2016 conducting interviews with those affected and the aiding NGO volunteers, I additionally got to know more about the political conditions of the country. According to my sources the general corruption rate and current governmental decisions are negatively affecting the upcoming elections. From what I have gathered, the state is supposedly holding back Western crisis-relief supplies, so to show off their ability to provide aid to those struck by their own means. However, in practice their ambitions have not resulted in what was proposed. In turn, those affected worst by the quake are still living in precarious conditions. As it is often the case, many natural disasters take their toll strongest on the poorest people. In Ecuador this is similarly the case, and while other parts of the country are slowly recovering, the poor in this region are still housed in official and unofficial refuges: living under strict military regulations that cause them to suffer.

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